Tablet and Capsule Production

Production of tablets and capsules with high-capacity automatic machines.


Coated tablet productions are made with technological machines.

Powder and Liquid Sachet Production

Production of sachets and sticks in powder and liquid form.

Blister Tablet and Capsule Production

It makes Blister Packaging, which is a safe form of packaging.

Liquid Syrup and Drop Production

Production in liquid syrup and drop forms in standards.

Hair and Skin Care Products

It produces hair and skin products with the best raw materials.

Cream and Lotion Production

High-capacity cream and lotion production with cosmetic GMP certificate.

Tube Filling Machines

Creams and Lotions are safer with Tube Packaging.

We would like to indicate a few reasons for you to choose us.

High Quality

The best quality raw materials and packaging materials are always used for the products we manufacture.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to serve with our ISO 10002:2004 Customer Satisfaction certificate.

Refund Guarantee

We always act with customer approval in our productions. We provide a refund guarantee for production-related problems.

Graphic Design Support

We are at your side with our graphic and design team in all processes for your product that you want to produce.

Transport Support

We provide transportation support for the best delivery of products, regardless of international and domestic.

It works to produce the best.

We use the best equipment to obtain the best product and deliver it to the consumer. Tablets and capsules are produced and packaged in fully automatic machines without human touch.

With our high-end tablet coating machines, the tablets are both longer-lasting and easy to use.  High quality dyes suitable for the pharmaceutical industry are used in tablet coatings. Tablet coatings are made in accordance with world standards. It is stable. Each product will have the same color.

There are 4 fully automatic tablet machines with high capacity and suitable for pharmaceutical production. Vitamin, mineral and herbal extracts are produced in tablet form with the right hardness and the right content. There are many tablet weights and shapes. More than 7 different shapes and weights can be produced.

The hygiene and safety of tablets and capsules are asked from the blister. Production in blister form, which provides ease of use and transportation, is provided by fully automatic machines. It has the ability to produce in different pieces and shapes.

With the fully automatic liquid filling line, thousands of liquid fillings can be made every day. Liquid filling can be made from 5 ml form up to 500 ml. Along with the filling, the liquid bottle closing and labeling processes also progress. It has high speed and capacity.

Thousands of sachets can be filled every day with the high-capacity filling and capping line for powder and liquid sachet filling. It can be filled in different weights and shapes. 1 gr. with 500 gr. It is possible to produce in powder and liquid form between. High quality material is used. It is suitable for contact with food and medicine.


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